Horses Offering People Experiences for Life

Hope Ranch is a collaboration with the Modoc Nation and Horses of Hope KS/MO/OK, a non-profit organization. The Hope Ranch team is made up of 20+ horses (big & small), mental health professionals, equine specialists, and youth recovery specialists. 

Providing HOPE for youth in need... is the foundation for this program

Equine-Assisted Mental Health

Equine-Assisted Mental Health is a form of counseling that involves a horse(s), a certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning, a Counselor, and a client or group. The horse provides valuable information about changes in the client’s mood and behavior.  These changes create learning and personal growth opportunities for individuals and families. 

To learn more about this project contact the Hope Ranch team at the number below: 

  (918) 876-0437

Ask about our “Tele-Horse” teletherapy service!